Announcement of KICP workshop: Next-Generation Techniques for Ultra-High Energy (UHE) Astroparticle Physics

[Workshop: Next-Generation Techniques for UHE Astroparticle Physics]
The Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics at the University of Chicago is hosting a workshop this winter on the Next-Generation Techniques for Ultra-High Energy (UHE) Astroparticle Physics. The workshop will address a roadmap and near-future prospects of cosmic rays and neutrinos above the PeV scale, including reviews of the latest results, upcoming detectors and techniques, related theory topics, and new ideas. The anticipated structure is a series of presentations with ample time for discussion and working sessions.

Contributions may be submitted from the following web page:

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LOC: Cosmin Deaconu, Toshihiro Fujii, Dan Hooper, Eric Oberla, Angela V. Olinto, Paolo Privitera, Abigail G. Vieregg